Carpet Cleaning

Dirty Footprints on Carpet

Dirty Footprints on Your Carpet

Wiping your feet won't stop you staining your carpet. Click here for more!

Carpet Stains

No more carpet stains!

How can you protect your carpet from stains? Find out here.

Carpet Cleaning Insurance

Get insured on your carpet cleaning

Sometimes carpet cleaning insurance is far from comprehensive. Click here!

Pay once, pay twice

Pay once, pay twice

You can set yourself up to be conned on your Carpet Cleaning. Learn how to avoid it here!

Wool Carpets

Wool carpets are vulnerable

Your woollen carpet may be easily damaged. Find out how here!

Pet urinates on Your Carpet

The Urine In Your Carpet

Do you know what to do if your pet urinates on your carpet? Get educated here!

The Chemistry of Carpet Cleaning

The Chemistry of Carpet Cleaning

Do you understand what chemicals are used to clean your carpet? Find out here.

Carpets Go Bald

When Your Carpet Goes Bald

Your carpet can lose its hair faster than your dad! Find out how here!

The Mysterious Shrinking Carpet!

The Mysterious Shrinking Carpet!

Your carpet may shrink after cleaning. Find out how here!

House Mould Will Make You Ill!

Carpets Can Make You Ill!

Did you know that dirty carpets can make you sick? Find out more here!