Dirty Footprints on Carpet

Scary Dark Patches Near Your Sofa

Whenever you kick back and sit on your sofa, you will probably be resting your feet on the floor in front of you. Your feet are always sitting on top of your carpet. You may notice that as time passes, a dark and ominous colour begins to form on your carpet right where your feet tend to sit. It looks very unappealing and it often takes away from the overall appearance of your carpet. You do not want to have an ugly carpet after all, so perhaps you will think of a carpet cleaning as the logical way forward with this problem. But is this really true? Will a spate of cleaning be enough to remove the shadow of your feet from the base of your sofa, or will you have to accept the dirty mark on your carpet forever? Read on and find out.

The truth of the matter is that a clean might help it a bit. Yes, we did say that, it will probably only help a little tiny bit. The fact is, the entire problem is not so cut and dry. There is more to this problem than your commonly understood dirt. These dark patches are often more pronounced if the people who are sitting there are wearing shoes which are designed primarily for outdoor use. This may bring up an annoying twinge in your mind as you think about how many times you wipe your feet before entering your carpeted area. However, wiping is simply not enough to remove all of the particles of soil which cling to the underside of our shoes. The fibres which make up your carpet attract these particles like crazy. Over time they manage to attract quite a lot of them. These little bits actually scrape against the fibres of your carpet and cause it to be damaged. Carpet cleaning cannot repair damage.

The reason why this mage is shown in the form of a colour change is that the shape of the fibres has been changed. When you buy a new carpet, it comes with undamaged fibres. If you were to look very closely at them, they are round and smooth at the top. This smoothness is there in order to reflect the most light that it can. This light is what gives you carpet its depth of colour. Whenever the particles of soil are present in the carpet and they have spent their time scraping against them, the smooth and round surface is slowly deformed. Little bit by little bit the shape and texture of the fibres change. This then causes it to become proportionately less reflective. This is shown as a dulling of the colour compared to the rest of the carpet. No amount of carpet cleaning can restore the reflective property.

If you have noticed that dark patches are forming where you feet sit on the sofa, then you know that you are damaging your carpet. Stop wearing your indoor shoes inside because it is causing irreparable damage to your carpet which cannot be fixed with carpet cleaning