Carpet Stains

Protecting Your Carpets From Stains

There is nothing more frustrating than when you spill that red wine onto your white carpet, and lo and behold, your carpet is henceforth stained for eternity. This has caused heads to shake and tears to fall for many years, however in our modern era, there are plenty of products out there marketed towards protecting our carpets from stains. Sometimes these things sound a little too much like a miracle cure for most of us to stomach. However, we will try to explain the reasoning behind these products in a way which will hopefully make sense. Firstly, all of these carpet cleaning products are designed to stick to the fibres in your carpet. It is this sort of protective outer layer which is said to defend your carpet from hard to remove stains. Read on and find out more about them.

All products which are billed to defend your carpet from stains are designed to in some way stick to the fibres of your carpet. This layer of extra stuff is usually soft and otherwise unnoticeable for the people who are walking over the top of it. If it were any harder in composition than it is, it would sort of freeze the fibres in your carpet in the manner of hair gel. This would make walking on your carpet feel nothing short of horrible. However, this is known for causing a rather significant problem, due to its soft consistency, it is known for wearing away over time. The coating is not permanent and must be replaced every now and again. So if you forget to replace it and spill something, the stains will form. It is a still a good carpet cleaning product.

In order to teach you how this sort of thing works, we will be using some scientific terms. The protective agent is made up of little things known as molecules. These are chemically designed to stick to the fibres contained in your carpet. This coating blocks molecules from stain causing liquids from bonding with the fibres. It is with this blocking feature, that your carpet is protected from stains. It is a good product but it certainly will not defend against absolutely all stain causing things, but it is designed to cover the more common culprits. The limitations come from the fact that the coating is a soft one. In order to keep your carpet resembling a carpet and not a series of tiny spikes, this carpet cleaning product must accept its limitation to allow softness.

If you are interested in defending your carpet from the dooming destruction that comes with persistent stains, then you may be interested in carpet protection products. These are soft glazings which will coat your carpet for a certain period of time, blocking stain causing molecules from bonding with your carpet fibres. However, you must remember that you are giving away protections in favour of softness. In order to guarantee long term protection, remember to get it regularly replaced. It is a great carpet cleaning product, If your looking for a quality company in the melbourne area to clean your carpets we recommend¬†¬†as they are Brisbane’s #1 carpet cleaning company.