Getting a Good Deal on Your Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever heard of the phrase, pay once, pay twice? No? Basically it is a term used to describe a situation when a professional tries to cheat a little bit and get more money in the process. This often comes as a contractor advertising himself as offering exactly the same service as most of his colleagues but at a much cheaper price. This is, of course a popular choice for customers who want to purchase the most affordable option. However this can all be an illusion hidden behind obscure wording. Let’s take carpet cleaning as an example. Most contractors use that phrase to describe their services, however the term is really vague. What exactly is defined here? Very little. As a result, the cheap service can just be a disguise for a very poor service which you have been tricked into accepting.

Usually the error is only detected after the job is done and the customer is overcome with disappointment at not getting what they expected. As a result, they go in search of a more expensive and seemingly more professional company to come in and do the cleaning again, except this time up to the standard that was previously expected. This has actually caused you to pay twice for a carpet cleaning, whilst if you had vouched for the more expensive option the first time, you would have paid significantly less for your carpet cleaning. So they pay once, pay twice. If it happens to you, it will leave a very poor taste in your mouth and you will probably feel like a fool. This is because you have decided to cheap out on a service rather than properly research a company who provides exactly what you need. Its legal and it is because you were lazy.

This is not actually you being conned, yes it could be considered dishonest but it is something which you could have easily avoided. Instead of just looking at the list of prices all the time when it comes to hiring a contractor, why don’t you look at the other information too? Why don’t you research the precise services which the package you bought entails? It will most likely be on their website, and if they do not have a website, you can just ring them and ask them. If you buy the wrong service because you did not read what you were buying, then that is entirely your own fault. As a result you will have to pay once, pay twice for your carpet cleaning. It feels pretty bad doesn’t it?

Whenever you are searching for a good contractor to do a job for you, it is very common for people to just look at the prices. You then hire the cheapest one offering you a general service. You hire them and they do not do a very good job. You then have to call another carpet cleaning company to do the job you thought the first one was going to do. As a result, you paid twice. Too bad.