Carpet Cleaning Criminals

Carpet cleaning is a trade. Like any other, you have to have a degree of faith in the tradesman that you hire. You are to trust that they are able to do their job well and earn the money that they are charging. However, where there is money to be made, there are cowboys to steal it. Criminality is something which we all fear, but you should be aware of it so that if you spot any of the signs, you will not be taken in. However, as much as we can stroke our egos and think we can spot a faker a mile off, what if we are faced with a very convincing one? What happens if one slips through your net and makes away with your money and leaves your carpet in tatters? Well, read on and be briefed on how to go cowboy hunting.

If you have someone coming to your house to do your carpet cleaning you must be on guard to protect your property if they turn out to be fraudulent. So this means that there are certain facts that must be established. Firstly, is the the person you have hired been trained? In order to verify that they are professional, you could try asking them industry specific questions which only a pro would be able to answer. This could be about the normal ph value of a carpet, or the meaning of technical terms such as ‘off gassing.’ Even if you do not know the answer yourself, the confidence of their response could indicate whether or not they know what they are talking about. If they seem timid and shocked then you can be suspicious.

The other important thing to consider when checking out if your carpet cleaning expert is who he says he is, is to establish whether or not he is an official member of some professional body or union. In order to be become registered with these agencies, a professional must provide proof of their qualifications and sometimes they have to take additional industry exams. These agencies will also make sure that all of those who are registered are operating with the correct insurance policies which can compensate disadvantaged parties if something goes wrong. These agencies also have the added advantage of providing updated information and training to their members so that their work meets all expected industry standards. Most of the agencies will provide identity cards for their members. By asking to see one, you can verify that they are a member.

If you believe that you have been the victim of carpet cleaning fraud, then you should go to the police immediately. However, the best thing to do is to avoid being conned at all. All this requires is that you ask them a few questions about their job as well as verifying whether or not they are part of any professional body. A simple ID card is all that it really takes to differentiate the professional from the cowboy. Do not be taken in.