The Mysterious Shrinking Carpet!

Carpets May Shrink After Cleaning

There is a horrible thought that may occur to you if you have just had a carpet cleaning session done on your carpets. Is it possible that the carpet could shrink in size after it is cleaned? This could inadvertently ruin the whole point of a carpet as the material will separate from the perimeter of the originally covered area. However, it is necessary that your carpet is frequently cleaned in order for the room to be kept clean and healthy. Some things though, can be a double edged sword. This is something which many cleaning companies do not like to take credit for. They will usually deny that they have any liability at all for what you are experiencing. It is just something which happens sometimes in the cleaning process. Is this true? Well if you read on we will try and explain why carpets may shrink.

If you wish to classify a type of carpet which has the capacity to shrink after carpet cleaning, it would have to be the axminster and wilton models. The reason why the former is prone to shrink is because the half that you walk on is made of wool and the base of the carpet is constructed using wool fibres. Wool is not the most conducive thing to shrinking in the world, but it can and does shrink after it has been treated with a poorly done cleaning session. However the wiltons are made of polypropylene face fibre with the same sort of backing as axminsiter model. However, the material used to make the fibres is unable to absorb water, as a result the moisture will dribble in the back which causes the carpet to shrink. Again, this carpet will only shrink whenever it is subjected to bad cleaning.

If you want to know the reason why carpets shrink away to nothing, then we will tell you. It is bad carpet cleaning. It is the result of people not doing their job right and it is an instant sign of poor professionalism. The two factors which can cause shrinkage are malfunctioning machines or poor operation of those machines. For example, if you find that a machine is unable to remove all of the water from a carpet after the cleaning process, then your carpet will begin to shrink. Additionally, poor operation can cause a wrong combinations of chemicals and cleaning agents to be applied to your carpet. This will cause unwanted effects. The physical movement of the machine can also be in error. An operator who does not do it properly can cause more damage than good to your carpets.

So if you are walking into your room one day and discover that your carpet has come away from the walls and has begun to curl up into a tiny shell of its former self, then you have the right to be angry, because you have had some very bad carpet cleaning done and somebody has scammed you. Get on their tail right now!