Pet urinates on Your Carpet

When the Pet urinates on Your Carpet…

Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, anyone with a pet will have had to deal with urine on the carpet. No matter how well we train our pets, every now and again there is a slip up. You can’t blame the poor creatures, but it does leave your carpet in a rather bad way. It is a rather smelly experience to say the least. It is not something that you want to be a permanent fixture of your carpet. However, the urine does not always smell which means that your carpet could potentially be contaminated without your knowledge. In order for you to establish whether or not your pet has taken a piddle you need to have the carpet scanned with a black light. This is a piece of technology which can reveal the presence of urine. This can allow you to catch it before the carpet is damaged. Once it has become visibly yellow, it is too late to get a carpet cleaning.

In order to know if your carpet is contaminated, you must purchase a black light. This can be attained at your average DIY store. Beware though, it also revels signs of blood, so there is a chance that it is not urine, but the indications of a previous murder. However, most of the time it is indeed urine. If you find that you have a contaminated patch and you have it properly cleaned, you should scan it again later to verify if it has gone away. If for some reason it cannot be removed, it may be necessary for you to physically lift up the carpet so that the underside can be cleaned directly. Urine has many chemical properties which can burn their way down through the fibres, the base and sometimes permanently into your floorboards. The best idea is really to prevent your pet urinating on your carpet, but if you catch it quickly, a good carpet cleaning will make it better.

To give you a little more background into why a black light can detect urine patches, we will discuss the chemical properties of urine. Urine is a naturally produced waste product of a living creature’s metabolism. One of the most common things found in urine are salts. There are massive quantities of salty stuff in there trust us. As we all know, salt is invisible when it is dissolved in liquid, however under a black light, these salts start to glow. Professional cleaning agencies often have very effective photo enhancement technologies which allow a higher rate of accuracy with the backlight in order to establish just how much urine damage there is. The more damage is revealed, the deeper the clean will need to be. However, if you catch it early, you should require a simple carpet cleaning.

So if you think there is a nasty puddle soaked up into your carpet, then you need to get the spy equipment out. A black light will reveal any patches which are contaminated. A thorough carpet cleaning is all that is needed to get rid of the damage.