Carpets Go Bald

Do Carpets Go Bald?

One day you may wake up and realise that parts of your carpet have gone as bald as your husband. How could this have happened? How on earth can the thick fibres in your carpet just disappear, leaving an austere, rough brown mess to ruin the entire thing? The answer may send shivers up your spine. Long and sharp shivers because the answer is the carpet moth or beetle. Yes, the answer is a bug! You see, shivers! However, do not be drawn towards thinking that the infestation is due to you keeping a dirty house. No, their presence is not down to any negligent carpet cleaning on your part. These bugs just like the environment which carpets present. If you want to discover more about these carpet marauders, please read on.

These little creatures simply love carpets. Well, they don’t just love carpets, they will happily take a bite out of any of the fabrics you have lying around. They will only eat those which occur naturally. So you are looking at things made of wool or silk. These bugs get their food out of digesting a substance known as keratin. Fortunately for them, the fibres in your carpet are full of this much sought after nutrient. The first task when it comes to diagnosing their presence is to check if your carpet is made from natural fibres. Additionally, they will prefer sections of your carpet which are damp. The moisture and the dark is what they like. It is in these dark and dingy spaces that the moth lays her eggs. They can look really nasty and a good carpet cleaning will be in order.

If it turns out that you indeed have an infestation of these creepy critters, then you will be quickly thinking about how you can send them on their merry way. The way to beat the bugs is to contact a professional company who has the technology to get rid of them. The first call of action is a thorough vacuum cleaner run, followed by an application of anti-bug agent which will swiftly dispose of any unwanted lifeforms. If it turns out that the agent is not strong enough, you can arrange for powerful insecticide to be applied to the carpet, but most of the time this is not required. Your carpet can then be repaired if you can get a cut section of the same style. This can then be placed in the affected area after carpet cleaning.

So if you are discovering that your carpet is going bald faster than your husband, then you may want to check whether or not you have an infestation of the carpet beetle or moth. These are creatures which eat proteins contained in natural fibres. With a thorough vacuum and an application of certain insecticides, the critters can be removed without too much fuss. They like to lay their eggs amongst these fibres in order to give their young an easy meal. A creepy reason to start a good carpet cleaning.