Wool Carpets

The Danger of Wool Carpets

It is an often desired luxury for you to have a nice woollen carpet in your home. The softness and warmth of the material is often greatly appreciated. They are also great for muffling noise when people walk on them and they won’t charge up with static electricity and shock you. They are also known for their longer longevity than their synthetic cousins. However, they are extremely expensive. Even more importantly, they often require cleaning. They are so prone to gathering filth that a proper carpet cleaning will definitely be on your spring cleaning to do list. However, to properly clean a wool carpet, professional equipment and expertise are required. But more often than not, these so called professionals are not very good at their job. Bad cleaning can result in your expensive carpet suffering damage. Read on and find out more.

There is a big problem amongst the professionals and their conduct. This problem is about instant presentation. They are often very keen to make an instant impression on the customer of just how clean their carpet is. So they use a tonne of high ph chemicals which literally burn the dirt off the carpet. This gives it an instant glimmering white glow. This may be extremely impressive to the uneducated eye, but using these products have side effects. Firstly, when carpet cleaning with a high ph agent, you are not only burning the dirt, you are also starting to damage the fibres of the carpet themselves. Dirt is organic and so is wool. It may not be instantly obvious but damage is being done. Additionally, if the wool is coloured, the high ph solution slowly fades the colour until it is dull and lifeless.

This is seen as collateral damage by all of the cleaning companies out there. All they care about is making the carpet appear clean to their customers. They are simply taking advantage of the ignorance of their customers. Additionally, they are displaying an addition bit or trickery. They are using the high ph stuff in order to make up for the poor performance of their equipment. As a result, they can cheap out on the cleaning machines and just buy highly damaging agent and pass your carpet off as clean. This is a risk that you take when you hire carpet cleaning companies. In order to protect yourself in some way from being conned, you should enquire about the ph of their agents and the models of their equipment and then you can do some background research.

So if you have recently purchased a fabulous woollen carpet, you will no doubt be revelling in its luxury, but after al while it gets a little grubby. This is when you pick up the phone and ask someone to come and clean it for you. The companies then show up and treat your carpet with damaging chemical in order to not pay for better equipment. Always be aware and stay informed Beware this is not good carpet cleaning.